Where to Learn Guitar Chords

One of the most basic skills that you need to play a guitar is the ability to play cords. If you learned how to play other musical instruments in school, then you may know how to read music. However, that does not mean that you are knowledgeable about guitar chords.

It is rare that orchestra or band players in school are taught anything about chords for guitars because they simply are not required. I can tell you from personal experience that looking at chords for a guitar and completely different than for the piano. I know how and where to form chords on the keyboard of my piano, but I could not form those cords on the 12 string!

So, when you pick up your first guitar and you will quickly realize that there is a whole new world of information that you need know. Where do you look? Finding out where to learn how to play chords is obviously an essential part to your success as a guitarist.

The trick is to discover how and where to learn them, both correctly and quickly in a way that makes sense for the type of music you expect to be playing. In this article, the goal is to share valuable knowledge with you on several effective ways to accomplish the task.

Should You Take Lessons?

If you want to know where to learn guitar chords, you can certainly take a private lesson. In every town, there is always a guitar player who is willing to give lessons and they can show you a number of tracks including the most basic chords that are used in rock music, country music or the blues. In other words, what type of music you want to play will make a huge difference in what cords you string together in a song.

What you will soon find is that when you try to play some of your favorite songs, you might be at a loss as to what chords you should be playing. Most beginning guitarists learn the basics, but then quickly realize there is a lot more to actual playing in terms of chord variations and transitions.

Can You Learn Enough On Your Own?

Of course you can learn chords on your own, though it may take a long time to really get a grasp of them be able to integrate them into your favorite songs. That is especially true if you are switching between country, blues, rock or metal.

There are large changes in the differing styles of music that you will need to know about, not only in terms of fingering but also structure and timing. Plus, there are differences in the way guitar chords are played on acoustic and electric, and you may have difficulty figuring this out on your own.

So, if you do plan to learn chords on your own, it is definitely worth investing in some type of guitar playing software, or at the very least charts that shows you how to create the majority of chords played on a guitar.

Graphical chord charts are available and they range from basic and intermediate all the way to the most advanced levels. How easy or difficult they are for you to use will determine whether this is an effective way for you to learn.

How Do Online Lessons Work?

One method of learning the guitar that more and more people are turning to these days is learning online. Of course, people have been taking online lessons in a variety of areas for close to 20 years.

Online guitar lessons have evolved to the point that may truly amaze you. Even though you may have thought these would only be for beginning players, you will find that there are both intermediate and professional guitarists who also use these lessons as a way to sharpen of their skills and to learn new techniques and songs.

As a result, people are finding that the best place to learn how to play musical chords may actually be online at a place called Guitar Tricks. This company has earned a reputation as one of the most respected guitar lesson websites. The site has over 45 instructors available to help players of all levels to progress very quickly to the next level of expertise.

One of the aspects of their program, that is so beneficial, is that it allows you to take an almost endless variety of lessons from a selection of talented instructors. You will be able to learn any style of guitar in which you might have an interest. For instance, you can take lessons in jazz guitar, classical, rock or metal, country or blues.

You can take these lessons at any level of proficiency whenever you chose. There is no need for you to take your guitar lessons in a particular order or at a particular pace, so this is flexible enough for either full time students or busy part time enthusiasts as well.

Is This Worth The Money?

Since you can’t really put a price on being able to play your favorite Beatles song properly or to figure out some unknown cord from an obscure song, this type of program is invaluable for players at any level. Besides, you can have full access to the lessons and instructors for way less than you might think.

Not only will you learn how to play guitar chords and pick up the latest techniques, but you can choose to learn music theory, basic guitar essentials, or become an expert in particular types of songs or riffs. Remember, there is more to music than just the notes. It takes timing and quality of sound, plus much more.

There is a free basic membership that allows you to take 24 lessons for free, or a full access subscription that will give you access to more than 5000 guitar lessons from instructors all over the world, with more lessons being added every day.

If you are serious about finally starting to learn how to play the guitar, or taking your skills to any level you choose, then this is a great way to accomplish those goals on your own schedule and at your chosen speed.

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